Project Description

I am an electedmember of the Southern Regional Committee (SRC) of ICAP, which is a premium accounting body/ institute in Pakistan, for the term of 4 years (2017-2021). As part of the committee, I am responsible to contribute in formulating Continuous Professional Development (CPD) policies for qualified CA members’ continuous growth. At SRC, weorganize skill development workshops / conferences for the members, students, and affiliates.



As part of the SRC team, we organized 100.5 hours of training programs / workshops/conferences / events in which more than 3323+ individuals have participated in the year 2017–2018. See page 5 of Annual Report: Presently, I am serving as Chairman CASA (CA Students’ Association) within SRC and providing oversight to CA students’ learning and extracurricular activities.Interested to find out more about CASA Work at SRC work, visit facebook: